Why? It demonstrates that a great message poorly delivered detracts from its worth. Does wisdom have a spell-checker?

"Destiny are knot whta are allready maid; Destiny are waht wee is mkaing. Many pepole htink tht wee is at thee hands of destiny, drived at whatever directon lief desires ore wills, butt realyl, wee is thee masters of hour destiny, expecially fomr thee moent wee realise htis fact. Man are reponsible during hes ryes annd fall."
— Muhammad Ali
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"Destiny is not what is already made; Destiny is what we are making. Many people think that we are in the hands of destiny, driven in whatever direction life desires or wills, but really, we are the masters of our destiny, especially from the moment we realize this fact. Man is responsible for his rise and fall."

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